Chichibuga-hama Beach Shuttle Bus


The bus from Kotohira and JR line-Takuma Station to Chichibuga-hama Beach

Called the "Uyuni Salt Flat of Japan", an illusory world arises at twilight during low tide at Chichibugahama Beach. Please come and capture the best pictures in a mirror of the photogenic Setouchi skyline. This tour follows the "magic hour", a time to view breathtaking landscapes, picking you up from Kotohira hotels or ryokan, KOTOHIRA TRIP BASE -Kotori-, and taking you to Chichibugahama Beach. The tour includes a free manual about how to take the best landscape photography yourself! We also rent out props and umbrellas for free to enhance your photos for a special upload-worthy look, so please feel free to use them.

Kotori(16:28) — JR line-Takuma Station(17:00) — Chichibuga-hama Beach(17:15~18:00) — JR line-Takuma Station(18:15) — Kotori(18:53)
Kotori(15:38) — JR line-Takuma Station(16:10) — Chichibuga-hama Beach(16:25~17:10) — JR line-Takuma Station(17:25) — Kotori(18:03)
Kotori(15:48)— JR line-Takuma Station(16:20)— Chichibuga-hama Beach(16:35~17:20)— JR line-Takuma Station(17:35)— Kotori(18:13)
Kotori(16:23)— JR line-Takuma Station(16:55)— Chichibuga-hama Beach(17:10~17:55)— JR line-Takuma Station(18:10)— Kotori(18:48)
Kotori(16:43)— JR line-Takuma Station(17:15)— Chichibuga-hama Beach(17:30~18:15)— JR line-Takuma Station(18:30)— Kotori(19:08)
Kotori(17:08)— JR line-Takuma Station(17:40)—Chichibuga-hama Beach(17:55~18:40)— JR line-Takuma Station(18:55)—Kotori(19:33)

*There may be cases that you could not see what sky reflects beautifully in ocean called the Mirror of Sky. It depends on seasons. We are sorry but we could not give you refund even though those cases.
*You could apply provision of cancel by weather to typically provision.

Private Charter Plan

model course

Electric scooter rental 4-hour model course -course1-

―― The mileage 21.5km ――

Roughly 7.5km from Kotori. Your first stop is Yamauchi Udon. Firm udon noodles boiled on a wood burning stove are their specialty. (Hours: 9:00~14:30, Closed Thurs.) About 5.5km from Yamauchi Udon. To Lake Manno (near Karin-tei Restaurant). Rest while viewing Japan's largest reservoir. 3.5km from Lake Manno. To Nagata Udon. Famous for kama-age udon noodles, served straight from the pot!(Hours: 9:00~17:30, Closed Thurs. & 3rd Friday of every month). About 5km back to Kotori from Nagata Udon.

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