Introduce Kotori Staff

Introduce Kotori Staff

Fully enjoy Kotohira

  • Nice to meet you! I’m Omi Akiho ,from Kagawa-ken Takamatsu-shi.I love my hometown Kagawa.I’m called somebody “Akki”& friends from different countries “Pinky”,because I like coloer Pink ,by my nicknames. When I was a college student I used to live in Kyoto and I used to learned some foreign languages ,and I was studying in Italy. So I can speak English? and Italian language. My interests are Travel,Reading,Handicraft,Collection of stamps in around the world,Shopping and Eating!! I’m a mother of a girl of one ,and he also often work here.haha. I’m planning some recommended routes for tourists to follow that you are able to enjoy in Kotohira and Kagawa.Please feel free to come and to ask me . In bocca al lupo! ciao ciao.

    Akiho Omi

  • Hello!
    My name is Yagi Riho, I’m a staff of Kotori. Please call me “Yaghi chan”.
    I’m from Ehime.
    I was going to the university in Nagano. Now, I am going to the graduate school in Kagawa.
    I take part in this company’s internship program.
    I was studying abroad in China in my third year of university.
    So I can speak Chinese a little.
    I think it is nice if we can tell the charm of Kotohira, Shikoku and Japan to foreign people.
    I am looking forward to seeing you at Kotohira.

    Riho Yagi

  • Hello!!! My name is Saki Kadoma. Call me saki!!
    I'm chatty, so please feel free to talk to me♪
    I grew up in Ehime, but I moved to Kagawa!!
    When I was 22, I decided to go to the other country to see wonderful things. I used to live in Canada, the Philippines, Australia, Thailand for a few years each, and travel few different countries and I met wonderful people there and I learned a lot of things.
    I realize that In Japan, there are a lot of beautiful places too, I want to tell everyone about Japan.
    I bet you are going to love Japan, Shikoku and of course Kagawa too!!!
    Hope you can see wonderful things and meet great people!!

    Saki Kadoma

  • Hello!
    My name is Tada June,
    I’m a member of Kotori and working for Kotohira bus Co.,Ltd.
    I was borned in Kagawa, grew up in Tokushima and moved a lot around Japan and the world.
    Now I live in Kotohira which I love.
    I think it’s important to meet someone while traveling.
    I’m keeping in touch with friends after I came back to Japan.
    I hope Kotori will be a good place for travelers.

    Jun Tada

  1. Akiho Omi
  2. Riho Yagi
  3. Saki Kadoma
  4. Jun Tada

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