Electric scooter rental 4-hour model course

The tour of noted stores and Mannouike ―― The mileage 21.5km ――

Roughly 7.5km from Kotori. Your first stop is Yamauchi Udon. Firm udon noodles boiled on a wood burning stove are their specialty. (Hours: 9:00~14:30, Closed Thurs.)

About 5.5km from Yamauchi Udon. To Lake Manno (near Karin-tei Restaurant).

Rest while viewing Japan's largest reservoir. 3.5km from Lake Manno. To Nagata Udon. Famous for kama-age udon noodles, served straight from the pot!(Hours: 9:00~17:30, Closed Thurs. & 3rd Friday of every month).

About 5km back to Kotori from Nagata Udon.

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