A stroll through the old historical town with Kanamaru-za Theatre & the Omotesando Street.

Learn and walk in the playhouse full of the atmosphere of the Edo Period, and go to Kotohira spots and eateries recommended by a local guide!


Price (for ONE person)


※Children under 3 are free of charge, but please include them in the total number of participants.
※Kimono-wearing option +4000 yen
※Authentic Kabuki Make-up option +7000 yen
Please make any reservations for options at least 1 month in advance.
※Please arrive 1 hour beforehand if you have made reservations for options.
※There is special make-up remover to remove make-up afterwards, but it will take about 20 minutes.


The operated days
  1. 12/22 、29
  2. 1/3、12
  3. 2/10、23


Contact us

KOTOBUS TEL:050-3537-5678
KOTOHIRA TRIP BASE –Kotori- TEL:Japan +81 877 75 2657

Tour Highlights

  • Walk through the Konpirasan approach of Omotesando Street from Kotori with a local guide, and visit a theatre built in the same year that Ryoma Sakamoto was born. Learn about the history of kabuki, and enjoy Kotohira's town and foods while being quizzed on this 120 minute walking tour! Be wowed by a trip to the Kanamaru-za Theatre and feel as though you're traveling back to the Edo Period! For those who wish, you can try wearing kimono and authentic kabuki make-up as well! (A reservation 1 month in advance is required.) Enjoy an exciting walk around town.

Minimum for Departure

Min. participants 2 persons

Preset Colors

Boxed Wide