Chichibuga-hama Beach Shuttle Bus

The bus from Kotohira and JR line-Takuma Station to Chichibuga-hama Beach

Kotori(5:08pm)— JR line-Takuma Station(5:40pm)—Chichibuga-hama Beach(5:55pm~6:40pm)— JR line-Takuma Station(6:55pm)—Kotori(7:33pm)
Kotori(5:33pm)— JR line-Takuma Station(6:05pm)—Chichibuga-hama Beach(6:20pm~7:05pm)— JR line-Takuma Station(7:20pm)—Kotori(7:58pm)
Kotori(5:48pm)— JR line-Takuma Station(6:20pm)—Chichibuga-hama Beach(6:35pm~7:20pm)— JR line-Takuma Station(7:35pm)—Kotori(8:13pm)

MORE ▼ ●July
Kotori(5:18pm)— JR line-Takuma Station(5:50pm)—Chichibuga-hama Beach(6:05pm~6:50pm)— JR line-Takuma Station(7:05pm)—Kotori(7:48pm)
Kotori(4:48pm)— JR line-Takuma Station(5:20pm)—Chichibuga-hama Beach(5:35pm~6:20pm)— JR line-Takuma Station(6:35pm)—Kotori(7:13pm)

Price (for ONE person)

2,500JPY (From Kotori)
1,500JPY (From JR line-Takuma Station)


The operated days
  1. 4/5、11、12、18、19、25、26、29
  2. 5/5、6、9、10、23、24
  3. 7/4、5、11、12、19、23、24、25、26
  4. 8/2、8、9、10、22、23、30
  5. 9/5、6、19、20、21

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KOTOHIRA TRIP BASE –Kotori- TEL:Japan +81 877 75 2657

Tour Highlights

  • Called the "Uyuni Salt Flat of Japan", an illusory world arises at twilight during low tide at Chichibugahama Beach. Please come and capture the best pictures in a mirror of the photogenic Setouchi skyline. This tour follows the "magic hour", a time to view breathtaking landscapes, picking you up from KOTOHIRA TRIP BASE-Kotori- and JR Takuma station, Kotohira hotels or ryokan, KOTOHIRA TRIP BASE -Kotori-, and taking you to Chichibugahama Beach. The tour includes a free manual about how to take the best landscape photography yourself! We also rent out props and umbrellas for free to enhance your photos for a special upload-worthy look, so please feel free to use them.

Minimum for Departure

Min. participants 2 persons

Included in Price


Preset Colors

Boxed Wide